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Starting Price for Polos and Hat Embroidery in Las Vegas*

Quantity Price
1-5 $17.00
6-11 $14.00
12-31 $12.00
32-71 $10.00
72-144 $9.50
144+ $8.75

Hat Pricing

Hat Price
Beanies $4.00
YP Flexfit $6.00
Otto $6.00
Richardson $8.00
New Era $12.00

Embroidery in
Las Vegas

Looking for embroidery services near you, in Las Vegas? This is everything you need to know about getting custom embroidery in Las Vegas for your business or team.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of decorating cloth, usually clothing, using additional stitching to create artwork, lettering, or a logo. Traditional embroidery is done by hand using a needle and thread, or on a larger scale using stitching machines, which is called embroidery printing.

The type of thread used, along with the method of embroidery and stitching pattern, can all be used to give embroidered items many different textures and appearances. It is also suitable for decorating a wide range of garments and materials, including many items that cannot be decorated by screen printing, such as caps, outdoor jackets, work pants, and boots.

How Does Embroidery Work?

Embroidery involves creating a digital copy of your artwork that can be interpreted by a stitching machine as a set of instructions. This enables clothing to be embroidered quickly at a large scale and with a very consistent level of quality.

Embroidery machines can combine up to 15 different colored threads into an emblem. While embroidered logos can be stitched at a wide range of sizes, they tend to have smaller placements on clothing so that they don’t affect the comfort of wearing the garment.

Embroidery printing can be used to create cap and shirt decorations, as well as clothing patches, for businesses, clubs, sports teams, and more. Embroidery printing is often used for:

Embroidered staff uniforms

Sports teams apparel

Clothing patches for clubs, fashion, or merchandising

Las Vegas Embroidery can give your staff uniforms and workwear a more professional and prestigious appearance. Embroidered shirts with logos and lettering are robust and ideally suited to surviving wear and tear, frequent washing, and other harsh conditions. This can make embroidery printing the best way to brand clothing that is likely to be scuffed, stained, or covered with dirt or grease, such as work overalls and caps.

Why choose GoldenMFG for Your Custom Embroidery Order?

Where can you get something embroidered near you? GoldenMFG’s Las Vegas embroidery service is both high quality and highly affordable for businesses of any size, with rates starting at just $8 per piece

Embroidery projects can take up to 10 business days to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. We can work with you on both the design and materials used to embroider your garments to ensure they perfectly represent your brand and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

In addition to our team of expert embroidery printers, GoldenMFG can also provide the embroidery design service of our hand-picked design team to create your logo or emblem, whether you need a full design from scratch or just a few minor adjustments to better fit their placement on your garment.

We pride ourselves on providing highly personalized service to ensure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. Book an appointment to discuss your needs, and we can put together a sample and give you a quote for the project.

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