5 Benefits of Using Branded Merchandise

Sports teams have stores where you can purchase merchandise with your favorite club’s logo. Many brands give complimentary T-shirts if you buy their products. Branded merchandise like mugs, shopping bags, or memory sticks can be an integral part of a company’s promotional strategy. Here’s how it fits your marketing goals and helps achieve the desired results!

What Is Branded Merchandise?

Branded or promotional merchandise includes items that contain your company’s logo, name, or slogan. You can consider sharing it for free at business events or with customers who purchase your products. Major companies open dedicated stores that sell their promotional items or offer them via an online shop. The price depends on the brand value, but since the products are promotional, it helps keep the cost affordable.

What Are the Benefits of Using Branded Merchandise?

Branded merchandise has been an integral tool in many companies’ marketing strategies for decades. This approach is suitable for major brands and start-ups only entering the market. Check out the following benefits you can expect from promotional products!

Branded Merchandise

Brand Awareness

Did you only enter the market and look to attract potential customers? The first thing to ensure is they hear about your company. You can achieve that by raising brand awareness; promotional merchandise can help achieve that goal.

Imagine you are at a trade show visited by potential buyers and business partners. You can hand out a business card to each person that visits your booth. But if you offer a mug, umbrella, or another gift, it increases the odds of the visitor using that product. That ensures they’ll discuss it with their families, friends, and colleagues. It ensures you boost brand awareness and use the word-of-mouth strategy to introduce yourself to a wider audience.

Positive Brand Association

company merchandise

It’s not only about someone hearing about your product but having a positive association with it. For example, printing top-quality T-shirts will ensure a potential customer wears them frequently. The same applies to pens and umbrellas. They can use the pen for years and look at your logo daily. 

If they see your company name in another location, they will remember the branding merchandise and have a positive association. And if someone mentions your niche, it increases the odds of getting recommended.

Customer Loyalty

According to AMA, 72% of the customers connect the marketing merchandise quality with your brand’s reputation. Most consumers are ready to do business with a company after getting a promotional item. The same source indicates that four out of five customers keep branded merchandise for over a year.

The idea is simple – each customer wants to feel appreciated. So if you surprise them with a gift, and it turns out to be a useful one, you’ll develop a bond immediately. From there, you can nurture that relationship to maximize customer loyalty.

Lead Generator

Improving brand recognition is great, but it ultimately comes down to profit. If you want to increase sales, it’s necessary to generate leads. Promotional merchandise for your business can be a successful lead generator if used wisely.

For example, you can use these items during meetings with clients. Instead of handing them a business card, give them a T-shirt or a memory stick. They’ll remember the different approaches you took, increasing the odds of generating a lead. 

The same goes for individual customers. You might offer company merchandise to those who leave their contact info. Spice it up with a unique addition, such as offering top-quality coffee with a mug.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Paying for a billboard or a commercial on radio or TV can be expensive. Many experts consider branded merchandise to be a more effective marketing strategy. 

Most suppliers are willing to offer a lower price if you get a larger merchandise quantity. And unlike a commercial on TV, a branded item will last much longer. In addition, customers can use it daily or gift them to others, maximizing the brand awareness potential of each promotional product.

branding your business

How to Make Brand Merchandise Work for Your Business

Does it seem like branded items can be a part of your business’ marketing strategies? Here are some tips that will help make everything work:

  • Know your brand identity. Don’t rush and establish your name, logo, and slogan first. It ensures you deliver the right message to the audience.
  • Don’t limit your theme. Selling clothes doesn’t mean you should give away only T-shirts. Don’t hesitate to offer other branded items you consider fitting to your clients.
  • Have a clear understanding of your target audience. For example, young people might benefit from memory sticks, while elderly adults prefer an umbrella.
  • Focus on maximizing return on investment. See which promotional items work best. Also, find a Las Vegas custom printing company offering the best branding merchandise deals to save on the initial investment.

The only remaining thing is to identify the winning merch ideas for your brand. Business cards, notebooks, and accessories are among the items to try. Most consumers appreciate clothing items, which can be an excellent gift used for a long time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a custom T-shirt screen printing service and receive an offer today!


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