Best Branded Merchandise Ideas For Creative Companies

Handing out promotional merchandise is a great way to present your brand and product to the market. This move will help you gain better exposure and name recognition to your target consumers and community. However, generating branded merchandise ideas can take a lot of work, especially if you are in a niche category.

This article will help you generate innovative promotional merchandise ideas to help you get a firmer hold of your market.

Top Branded Merchandise Ideas For Creative Companies

What are Branded Products?

Branded products are items that carry the brand’s name or logo. This merchandise can be virtually any promotional item, often distributed at events like conventions or trade fairs. Giving out branded products can help generate brand awareness much quicker and attract potential customers of your product or service.

Most Popular Branded Merchandise Items

If you want to generate creative merchandise ideas, it’s best to brainstorm with your team so you can cover more ground. Furthermore, you can also look for inspiration for company merch ideas on the Internet. Below are some creative merchandise ideas that you can use:

1.   T-shirt

tshirt custom printing las vegas ScreenPrinting-Baja Las Vegas

T-shirts are traditional merchandise that’s been used for marketing for decades. The best thing about them is that it’s customizable, and the person wearing them usually goes places. They also can be used multiple times,  thus helping your brand reach a large number of people.

To get the best results, find a custom team t-shirt printing or uniform embroidery company that has a good reputation and can handle all of your requirements.  Moreover, think of logo merchandise ideas that will go well with the t-shirt, such as a witty phrase related to your product or service.

Here is a logo and t-shirt design placement guide you can refer to when making these creative merchandise ideas.

2.   Branded Tote Bags

Tote bags are trending nowadays, especially since they are fashionable and reusable. According to 2019 the Global Ad Impressions Study, nearly three out of four consumers they interviewed owned promotional bags, which they usually keep for almost a year.

Consumers also take these bags everywhere when they shop in malls, during their travels, and even at gatherings. To make the tote bag stand out, use bright colors. If you are looking for the best merchandise ideas for your marketing campaign, this one should be on your list.

White Tote Bag

3.   Sticker

If your company is on a tight budget, handing out promotional stickers is the way to go. The best part about stickers is that you can make them in bulk, and they are easier to hand out. Furthermore, some people love collecting or putting them on stuff they usually use, such as their laptops.

Generating unique merchandising ideas for your sticker will require a creative graphic designer, especially if the company still needs an official logo.

4.   Branded Recycled Stationery

Who doesn’t love promotional stationeries? You can use them to take notes of virtually anything related to your life. Hence, people would gladly want to receive them during events. These should be on your creative merchandise ideas list if your target demographics are students or young professionals.

When finding a supplier for your stationery, make sure to get recycled ones to help the environment.

5.   Branded Snacks

People love food, especially if it’s free. If your company is in the food industry, why not give samples of your products as bite-sized snacks? Don’t forget to put your brand name and logo to help people recall your product.

Furthermore, if you are a startup food company, you must add where they could get the product and your social media handles in the packaging. This way, people will know where to buy your food when they like it.

6.   Branded Thermal Bottles

Thermal bottles can be expensive compared to other awesome branded merchandise ideas on our list. However, it does pay off if your company uses premium products or is in a space where hydration is essential such as the health and fitness industry.

Employ coordinating fonts, hues, and a design that effectively conveys the elements of your brand that you want to promote. Make your bottle exciting and distinctive or fashionable and chic so that others ask your receivers where they are from.

7.   Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are great promotional giveaways if you are in the food industry. If your lunch box is good, people may use it daily during their lunch at work or school. The lunch box itself will constantly remind the recipient of your product.

Make sure that your lunch box is compliant with specific regulations, such as it does not contain any harmful chemicals like BPA.

innovative promotional merchandise ideas

8.   Headphones and Branded Wireless Earbuds

Branded earbuds and headphones may cost you much more than other merchandise on this list. However, if your target demographic in the market does need these items, you are likely to reap their attention and even loyalty.

These items belong to unique merchandising ideas, and you must use cost-benefit analysis to ensure your company’s investments in these items are worth it.

9.   Power Bank

The price of manufacturing power banks has dipped in recent years. Thus, it’s cheaper now to produce branded power bank giveaways, which opens tremendous opportunities for your marketing campaign.

Power banks are great promotional items because people always use them and carry them anywhere.

Why are These Items Great for Promotions?

These promotional items are excellent giveaways because they can help garner the attention and trust of your target demographics. Furthermore, branded merchandise ideas are easy to produce, and numerous manufacturers can make them for your company.

Additionally, the items on this list usually have a large surface where you can slap your brand’s name and logo.


Choosing what item to give out can be challenging since you want to maximize your brand’s exposure by ensuring that your brand’s name or logo is visible. Furthermore, the recipient must use the item in public or a social setting to be effective.

The benefits of using branded merchandise are numerous and can help your business achieve its goals.


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