How to Hang a Banner Like a Pro: Tips and Techniques

Most people think they know how to hang a banner even without experience. After all, how hard is it to hang a banner?

Banners are staple advertising tools that have been around for centuries. They are also used to show an organization or group’s emblem and can sometimes be coupled with a message of what they stand for.

The truth, however, is that hanging a banner is a bit more complicated than most people think. Since banners come in various sizes and are made from different materials, you might need to apply different methods to hang them.

This guide will help you hang a banner on a wall and other surfaces. We will also discuss several banner-hanging solutions available in the market.

How to Hang Banners

Hanging banners isn’t rocket science, and virtually anyone can do it. However, you should consider a few things to ensure that the banner is placed securely and presentable.

Determine where you will hang your banner before getting your tools out. A banner shown indoors may differ from one displayed outdoors on the street. You must consider the factors that might damage and conceal your banner.

Best Ways to Hang a Banner

There are various ways to hand a banner on a wall or other surfaces. However, if you want to hang a vinyl banner outside, you must also consider the elements it is exposed to. Some factors that could ruin a perfectly placed banner include heat, moisture, winds, and even wildlife.

banner types

There are different types of banners based on their styles. Some of the more popular ones include:

● Fabric banners
● Vinyl banners
● Pull-up and retractable banners
● Mesh banners
● POP and back wall displays
● Framed banners
● Pole banners
● Feather flag banners
● Promotional and event banners
● Step and Repeat banners

Below are some of the best ways how to hang a banner:

Grommet Method

This standard method of hanging banners uses grommets or islets, a metal ring usually put in its corners. To install grommets into your banner, you will need a grommet machine that punches a hole and places a small metal ring into the banner. This method is the best way to hang a banner outside.

Once the grommet has been installed, you can insert zip ties, ropes, or bungees and use them to tie the banner place. However, one disadvantage of grommets is that they can tear due to wind or other external forces, especially if your banner is made from less durable materials.

Pole Pockets Method

As the name suggests, this method uses pole pockets where the top and bottom of the banner will be wrapped around. This method is usually used for vinyl banners where the material folds over its backside and provides space for a rod, cable, or pole to go through the pocket. The pole pocket method can also be used on banners where the rod, pole, or cable needs to be on the left and right sides.

Banners that need to be hung may be easily accomplished using pole pockets. This method can be used in theater and stage applications, scaffolding, projecting banner kits, and lamp post signage. Additionally, they are ideal for weight at the base of a banner or a backdrop to help it stay in place.

How to Hang a Vinyl Banner Outside

When hanging a banner outside, unroll and straighten it right after you remove it from its packaging. Smoothen any wrinkles with your hand or a squeegee. Check also for tears and holes. Next, add support to the banner edges, such as double-sided hemming tape. Insert the rope or cord into the islet of the banner and tie it to a branch or pole.

How to Hang a Banner Indoors

Hanging a banner indoors is much easier since it doesn’t require additional support. If the banner is relatively tiny, you can use velcro strips or suction cups easily installed on a wall. If you need the banner permanently hanging, you can use screw-hanging hooks to keep the banner up. Banner stands are an excellent option if you don’t want to use your banner as a hanging fixture.

How to Hang Banners Without Grommets or Pole Pockets

Vinyl banners without grommets are best hung by nailing or pinning them to the wall. It is advisable to incorporate pole pockets to thread a rope through the edges of the banners if you need to suspend them. Pole pockets give your banners a tense appearance, making them easier to see from a distance.

Need Custom Banners for Your Business?

If you want a banner that won’t easily be damaged by the elements or removed by strong winds, check out our custom banner printing services. Our company uses the latest printers that allow high-resolution printing for all sizes of banners. Furthermore, we use high-quality vinyl, cloth, and other materials for our banners to ensure they last long.


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