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Why Are Business Cards Important?

For all the conveniences of digital communication, the importance of business cards hasn’t waned and still remains the smoothest way to share information in person. Nothing breaks the flow of networking quite like fumbling with smartphones and other devices to give out your details.

Whether you are networking at an event or making a chance of acquaintance with a potential client or business partner, simply handing over your card will always be the easiest way to go.


What To Put On A Business Card?

  • Logo and Tagline – Keep in mind that your business card is an extension of your brand. The first item you should add is your company’s logo and tagline. These reveal your company’s identity to the card’s holder.
  • Company name – Generally speaking, the name of your company should be the largest piece of text on your business card as it is the most important part of the information on your card and It’s what people will remember the most.
  • Your name and Functional Job title– To prevent any uncomfortable re-introductions later, introduce yourself as you wish to be addressed.
    We wear many hats in businesses as entrepreneurs, small company owners, or freelancers. Choose the one that best represents your major function or job in the company.
  • Website -not your homepage. Make a welcome page or record a brief introductory video to let people get to know you better. Package your URL in a QR code
  • Social Media Profiles – Social media platforms have become essential components of both traditional and virtual companies. You basically don’t exist in the eyes of your consumers if you’re not on social media.
  • Contact details -Contact information can include your phone number, email address, and physical street address only if you have a physical location where you perform business.

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What Makes A Good Business Card?

The design of your business cards can tell potential customers a lot about your business. We can provide a full design service to create professional custom business card designs, or you can provide your own design. If you decide to create a business card design of your own, here are some quick tips to get the best results:

  • Don’t put any copy within 5mm of the card edge
  • Maintain a minimum font size that is clearly legible
  • Avoid full, straight-edged borders, as they can draw attention to the slightest misalignment in your design
  • Focus on the key information and avoid cluttering the card with too much typography

Las Vegas Flyers And Business Cards Near You- Design And Printing

Looking for a business card printing company near you? GoldenMFG prints and designs high-quality, professional business cards at competitive prices. We aim to provide the best business card printing in Las Vegas, with expert printers and designers ready to equip you with a business card your leads can’t ignore.

Looking for more than just business card printing? At GoldenMFG, we also specialize in banners and flag printing, T-shirt printing, embroidery, and uniform printing services in Las Vegas. Whether you need eye-catching banners for events or custom flags for promotional purposes, or uniform printing for your company our team of expert printers and designers is ready to deliver high-quality results.

After you approve our quote and digital sample, we can produce and deliver your product within 1 week. Give us a call or let us know more about your business card and flyer printing needs in our contact form.

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Business Card Printing FAQ

What is the Standard Business Card Size?

Most standard business cards have a size of 3.5 inches x 2 inches. It should have 1050 pixels x 600 pixels at 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution for precise imaging.

What Should Be Included on a Business Card?

Essential elements of a business card include the company name, logo, address, the person’s name, and title, and contact details. Some businesses also add taglines, QR codes, and social media handles to make their company more accessible.

How Long Does It Take to Get Business Cards Printed?

Depending on the number of business cards you ordered, it can take between three and seven business days. However, if you ordered the business cards in bulk or for multiple people, it could take a couple of weeks or more.

Can I Style the Business Cards However I Want?

Yes, you could. After all, the style and design of the business cards are at the customer’s discretion.

Should You Print on Both Sides of a Business Card?

Although not required, printing on both sides of a business card makes it look more professional. It also allows you to put in more details that might not fit on just one side alone. Furthermore, it’s simply more economical to use the entire card space.

What Format is Best for Printing Business Cards?

PDF and TIFF are the best formats for business cards because they automatically embed all fonts. Furthermore, these are the most commonly used formats by printing companies since they can correctly display the original contents of the file even if it’s copied to another device.

Are Glossy or Matte Business Cards Better?

It depends on where you usually use your business cards. Glossy business cards have a smooth finish and better protection than matte ones. Meanwhile, matte business cards have a clean finish and do not have a somewhat distracting glare.


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