What Is The Purpose Of Business Cards?

Business cards may feel like a bit of an old system. In the age of LinkedIn and other online networking tools, what’s the purpose of carrying around business cards? Well, as this post explains, there are a number of huge benefits, and the importance of business cards hasn’t waned like many people would have expected in the digital era.

Business cards

What are Business Cards and What are They Used For?

Business cards are small cards that contain information about a business, individual, or organization. There are loads of different designs of business cards in the modern age, and plenty of people are experimenting to make their cards more eye-catching. The standard size tends to be 84 mm wide x 55 mm high. These are convenient for putting in a wallet or purse.

Business cards are used as a way to provide all of someone’s contact information, as well as information about their company and sometimes the services they provide. It’s effectively a contact card.

Business cards are used for far more than this, though. They are often exchanged in meetings and networking events, and they can even be used as promotional materials. Some meeting places have the option to leave business cards. For example, a plumber could leave some copies of their business card at a local store in the hope that someone might pick it up for the next time they need a plumber.

5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

A business card has a few different purposes. Not only is it in place to give someone contact details, but it can provide a few other important benefits:

The purpose of business cards includes:

  1. Telling people exactly what services you can provide, and how they can get in touch with you if they need to work with you.
  2. Catching the eye. There’s a real art to creating a good business card, and there are some clever examples of quality cards out there that people have used to grab attention. In a networking situation or event, you can use your card to meet others and also show that you are a professional and serious business person.
  3. Jogging people’s memories. If someone has your business card, there’s a chance they might see it at some point in the future, or refer to it when they have a problem that reminds them of you and your services. The plumber mentioned above is a good example, but people in all sorts of industries might have them.
  4. Giving off a professional image. A business card with a professional look can say a lot about you.
  5. Business cards can also point people to your online space to make further connections. You may be able to add a QR code or just the URL of your social media and website to stay connected with people.

How Does a Business Card Help in Improving a Business?

Business cards are really important for people in certain industries. In fact, in a lot of business environments, it might even be expected that you have a card that you can share. There are different rules and etiquette for sharing business cards depending on where you are in the world

Business cards are important in the digital era because they can provide something physical to act as a reminder. If you use the comparison of a LinkedIn profile, it is easy to come across someone of interest on LinkedIn but then totally forget about it in the future. A business card might be placed somewhere it is easy to see, and when someone needs services similar to yours, it ensures you’re at the front of their consciousness.


You never know when you are going to run into someone who could be important for your career. Whether you’re looking for a job or trying to network and meet people to use your service, or who provide services you might need, you can only reap the benefits of a business card by having it with you.

Always have multiple copies of the business card on you. Keep some in your wallet or even in your pocket so you can pass on the card should you meet someone who may need to contact you in the future. You never know when you are going to get a golden opportunity, and it might not occur at a business meeting or at a networking event.



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