13 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas To Attract Visitors

Running a booth for your business at a trade show can be a fun and exciting experience. While preparing for successful trade shows, you might also be wondering how you’re going to get event attendees to pay attention to your business. After all, trade events can feature hundreds of businesses for visitors to see and remember. So how do you make sure they remember yours?

How Do You Engage Customers At a Trade Show?

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, when trade shows regained their importance, attendee engagement is one of the most critical aspects to consider. With so much competition for visitors’ attention, it is vital for your trade booth to stand out by offering something unique that draws people in. Even if you have the most exciting and innovative product at the show, that won’t count for anything if you can’t get people to visit your booth in the first place. That means that every detail of your visual presentation, such as branded uniforms and event signage, is just as important as the experience you are offering or the product you are promoting.

Give Attendees an Exciting Experience

Creating a fun and exciting experience through a game or live product demonstration helps keep the attention of attendees passing by. The opportunity to learn more about your business or product in a more innovative way also helps attendees remember your trade booth after the event is over.

Teach Somethingtrade show booth

Networking is just one of the reasons people go to a trade show. Individuals and businesses also attend trade events to learn more about the latest companies and developments in your industry. Educating attendees about what you are working on gives your booth more value to attendees, encouraging them to stick around and learn from you.

Make it Interactive

Give event attendees the chance to get involved more directly with your trade booth. Interactive experiences such as a simulation, game, or live demonstration that attendees can participate in can be much more engaging than listening to yet another presentation.

Organize Contests and Branded Giveaways

According to one research, 52 percent of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if it offers a giveaway or freebie.

Giving out free stuff like custom printed t-shirts, and embroidered hats is a tried and tested way of attracting attention in any industry. Contests and giveaways give attendees another reason to stop and check out your booth. It’s not cynical, it’s just practical. People are more willing to listen to you when there is something in it for them.

Contests can also encourage attendees to learn more about your business, or invite more attendees to your mailing list, by asking them to complete a short quiz about your business or a lead capture form.

Let Attendees Test Your Products

One of the biggest draws of visiting a trade event as an attendee is the chance to get their hands on the latest products and developments in the industry. Trade booths that offer an engaging product demonstration that lets attendees try your product out for themselves almost always attract more attention than those that don’t. People want to test the quality, ease of use, and effectiveness of the product you want to interest them in. Letting them try it themselves enables them to do that more than watching and listening ever could.

VR on trade showsAdd a VR Element

Virtual reality is a great way to make your trade booth more engaging and attract a bigger crowd. VR is an exciting technology that people will be eager to try out for themselves. Depending on your business VR might also be a useful tool to explain or demonstrate your product. But even if your VR experience doesn’t relate to your business, it can still help to draw a crowd to your booth.

Make Room For Quiet and Charging Space

Trade events are loud, busy places. With so much to see competing for an attendee’s focus, sooner or later everyone just looks for a place to sit down and relax for a moment. Providing a space where they can do that as part of your booth will attract anyone looking for a quiet area to make a call or send a message. Providing chargers for mobile devices will also attract people by simply offering convenience. While attendees do whatever they need to do, they will be absorbing information from your booth that might spark their curiosity about your business.

Bring Your Own Lights

Lighting is an often neglected part of making your trade booth stand out. Good lighting is an inexpensive way to make the most out of your printed banners and signage. You also usually can’t control the venue’s lighting if you are sharing a space with other booths, so it is smart to bring your own to ensure your booth will be visible from a distance.

That doesn’t necessarily mean dazzling passersby with the brightest and boldest lights at the event, however. Well-planned directional or colored lighting can have a dramatic impact in making your booth look unlike anything else at the event.

Special Offer Just For Trade Show Attendees

Trade event attendees will often make many new contacts at the show, and won’t remember to follow up with all of them afterward. Making an exclusive or time-limited offer to trade show visitors helps encourage them to make a decision and take you up on the offer straight away, instead of risking missing out on a great deal.

Create a Photo Booth

Trade events can be a fun experience that people will want to commemorate with a photo. Setting up a photo op spot at your booth that features your branding is a great way to get your company name and logo into photos that will be shared across your lead’s social media pages, increasing your brand awareness among their social network.

Live performance on trade showSchedule Live Performances

Giving attendees the chance to try something out for themselves has a lot of value. But they are not experts in your product, and they won’t be able to learn and test everything it can do in a quick trial. Scheduling live demonstrations can be a great way to show what your product is really capable of in the hands of someone who is not trying it out for the first time.

Standout With Great Uniforms

How will attendees know who to talk to if they can’t work out which people are part of your team?

Paper name tags and lanyards might help identify your employee to the person they are talking to, but it doesn’t help people spot them at a distance. A uniform in your brand’s colors makes it easy for attendees to figure out who can tell them more about your business. It also helps your business present a unified and professional image to potential customers and business partners.

Integrate Social Media

Integrating social media as part of your presence at a trade event doesn’t just make it more fun for attendees. It also has the potential to further boost your brand awareness. For example, printing a QR code on your booth banners that people can use to check in on social media to enter your giveaway. This method makes it easy for people to take part in a giveaway while also introducing your brand to everyone on their social media that sees the check-in post.


Is your business planning a booth at an upcoming trade show? We can help you prepare with top-quality printed banners and flags, business cards, as well as branded apparel and accessories to help your team make the best first impression. Get in touch today to get a free quote for your printing needs.


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